Thinking of buying?

Our experience of travelling and owning caravans, campervans and motorhomes makes us ideal to help you navigate the pro's and con's of owning one of these vehicles or to continue renting one out!

This guide below, we hope will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to buy or rent.

We would strongly recommend to rent one of these out before you buy to make sure you like it before making a significant financial investment!

  • Touring Caravan

    Touring caravans are more practical and spacious than a campervan and motorhome.

    The best thing about a caravan is you can leave it on site and use your regular vehicle to travel around in. After a long and memorable day out, you return to site and there's nothing to do as it's all setup! They are also much cheaper to purchase new or secondhand

    The downside to a caravan is when you're travelling to a destination, you can't just stop anywhere as you have this huge thing attached to your vehicle and remember the restricted speed limits!

  • Campervan

    Campervans are great as some aren't much bigger than a large car so they easily fit into parking spots. They also offer convenience when you're out and about where you have the convenience of a fridge, cooker, water supply etc.

    The downside is that you're always having to pack the vehicle up before you move it (pop-top down, gas off, put the bed back to a seat etc. These hold their values extremely well and are expensive to purchase!

  • Motorhome

    Motorhomes are a caravan on wheels! They offer a blend of a campervan and caravan. Like a campervan, you have all the conveniences of a fridge, cooker, water supply, but also a toilet and a shower when you're out and of course more storage!

    The downside is the same as a campervan, constantly having to pack the vehicle up before you can go anywhere (awning, gas off etc.)