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Norseman Explore is a new family-run campervan & motorhome hire business, operating out of the Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire borders.

We’re passionate about exploring and have decided to follow our travelling dream and introduce others to the friendly and awe-inspiring world of UK caravanning/campervan holidays. People forget how beautiful the UK is, and we have visited a lot of places in the UK and around the world!

Driving one of our vehicles introduces you to an amazing and friendly community of like-minded people who enjoy adventuring in their campervan/motorhome/caravans.  Don't be alarmed if you see other people waving at you from their campervans as your driving along!  This is how we are, a friendly bunch of adventurers!  Don't forget to wave back at them, it'll bring a great smile to yours and their faces!

Norseman Explore offer a fleet of modern campervans for hire for a wide variety of UK holiday adventures, available all year round – book now!
Find out more about the campervans we have available, as well as our extra services, rules and added extras to make your holiday more enjoyable.

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Norseman Explore offer a fleet of modern campervans for hire for a wide variety of UK caravanning adventures. Our campervans are available all year round with plenty of added extras.

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We’re passionate about exploring the UK and providing the best campervan holiday experiences possible. Find the answers to all your important questions here!

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Rocks and rock pools at the base of the white, red and orange stratified cliffs at Old Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK

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Aerial panoramic view of the Needles of Isle of WIght, UK