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Myles has two other businesses which he started during the Covid pandemic when he was made redundant from his job, and he hasn’t looked back since! One is an IT consultancy business and the other is a US based financial recovery business.

He has a wealth of experience in several industry sectors, such as IT, retail, hospitality, healthcare, public services, financial technology and of course travel and tourism!

Karen’s got a great travel background as her father worked for British Airways, so she’s been to a lot of countries, but still says the UK can make you feel you’re in another country!

Karen is our creative genius, as she graduated from university with a surface pattern design degree and has been a secondary school teacher in Art & Photography for over 20 years!

Why choose Norseman Explore?


We live in one of the most scenic parts of the UK, and our Norfolk sunsets are truly special! All our vehicles are located at our home, and we will offer storage of your vehicle (at your own risk).  We're not far from the coast if you want to stay local and experience some of the amazing weather, beaches and locations.

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We only have one planet, and we need to act quickly to ensure its survival. As soon as we can, we'll offer a fully electric campervans and motorhomes, but until this happens, our vans will have stop/start and solar panels, which will help in the short term.

Wherever you stay, please ensure you always tidy up after yourselves.  We offer free of charge, biodegradable rubbish bags which can be found in our vehicles.

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Couple inside a campervan and nice landscape outside
Rocks and rock pools at the base of the white, red and orange stratified cliffs at Old Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK

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If you have any questions, or just need some friendly advice, we’re here to help!

Aerial panoramic view of the Needles of Isle of WIght, UK